During the last 30 years, I worked essentially in black & white with small and medium formats and occasionally with large format. I turned permanently to the large format 5 years ago since I saw an exhibition of Christopher Burkett’s photographs at the West Gallery in Carmel. I realized that the beauty and subtlety of Nature could only be conveyed by large format cameras and lenses.

Most of my photographs are from the American Southwest where light, forms and colors are unique. My favourite places are the Utah’s wilderness areas and Zion NP.

I am also interested in flowers, especially the red poppies that I can find nearby my home in the south of France.

The end goal of my photographs has always been to make beautiful prints. The recent advances of digital printing allow incredible control over my final images.

While remaining faithfuI to the landscape, I hope that my images will evoke to the viewer an emotional response.



André Mouton is both a photographer and the director of Taos Photographic Company, a small french company fully dedicated to large format photography. He sells large format equipment and conducts photographic workshops throughout the american west. He traveled and photographed the american landscape since 1995. He had the fortunate opportunity to have his early work encouraged by Jean Dieuzaide, a highly recognized french photographer, and turned as a full time photographer since that date.

André Mouton’s photography is inspired from the old masters of the straight photography as well as the current american photographers, among them Christopher Burkett, Michaël Fatali or Charles Cramer, to mention a few.

He works with a 4x5 camera and uses digital printing technique to produce large format prints from his 4x5 slides.